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Sushi Club - (Emerson Ave) Indianapolis
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For the price of 2 special rolls, you can enjoy soups, salads, appetizers, 16 kinds of nigiri sushi, 23 kinds of regular rolls and 16 special rolls on weekday, 22 special rolls and many kinds of sashimi on weekend.


  1. Order all you want, but eall all you order!
  2. You can order many times until you are happy!
  3. You will pay: a dollar a piece if you leave more than 7 pieces on the table.
  4. If you order by regular menu, please do not share "all you can eat sushi". If you share, we'll ex-charge the price of "all you can eat". Thank you very much!
  5. Only enjoy at the restaurant, not wrapped to go.
  6. Require soybean paper, add $1.00 for each roll.
  7. How many order you want, just mark "1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."

Time and Price

Mon, Tue, Wed,Thur:  $19.99 for each person

Holiday, Fri, Sat, Sun: $21.99 for each person

Children Price

Age 3 & under:  Free
Age 4 - 6:          $6.99
Age 7 - 12:        $10.99